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Hell’s Gate Airtram Experience

We want your visit to be the most fun and memorable!
Hell's Gate Experience
“We had to travel where no human being should venture, for surely we have encountered the gates of hell.” – Simon Fraser, 1808.
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Did you know our Airtram
is suspended over the
gorge on a single 40mm
track rope!
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Explore the gorge

From gold panning to gift shops, we've got hours of exploration for you deep within the canyon.

Once you arrive in the gorge you will enjoy a number of attractions and exhibits during your stay including our Fudge Factory, Fisheries Exhibit, Café, Suspension Bridge and Gold Panning.

Simon’s Cafe

Yummy! Come and experience the awe inspiring views and the exhileration of being suspended over the immense power of the Fraser River. Download menu (PDF)

Gold Panner gift shop

We know while you’re on vacation, you love to shop! Although it is speculated that our friendly ghosts like to hang around in here, the prices and selection won’t scare you off! A wide variety of Hell’s Gate Airtram and British Columbia “must haves” await.

Admission to the Fisheries display is included in your tram fare!

Fudge factory

Up to 100 flavours of fudge are made on site!

Suspension bridge

Get a first hand look at the International Fishways that flank the Hells Gate gorge. Possibly even get a glimpse of river rafters shooting the rapids.

Observation decks

View the raging Fraser River pump 200,000,000 gallons of water a minute through a channel only 110 feet wide.

Simon’s wall

Experience a life like portrayal of Simon Frasers Journey through the Fraser Canyon. Learn More

Gold panning

Looking to Strike it Rich?

Fisheries exhibit

The Fisheries display at Hell’s Gate is home to our award winning video “Run Sockeye Run”. This documentary won a bronze award at the New York City film festival for best short ecological film.

There are two other short films: 'Thunder in the Canyon‘ – a white water tribute to Simon Fraser. See first hand where the early explorer Simon Fraser scaled the Canyon walls except from a slightly different perspective, aboard a white water raft! And the other film is ‘Fraser Canyon Gold‘ – prospectors still believe there’s “gold in dem dare hills!” see why and where in this historic short film.

Our display is set up in a very simple way so that the whole family can learn and see first hand how a salmon spends it’s life from beginning to end.

Get ready to experience the
Fraser River like never before

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