Hell’s Gate Airtram is closed for the season, and thanks to everyone for the 2019 season.
See you in April 2020.😎


Come and experience the awe-inspiring views and the exhilaration of being suspended over the immense power of the Fraser river. Hell's Gate Airtram is a safe and exhilarating adventure for the whole family.

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We’re excited to see you

Enjoy the fully suspended gondola as it passes over the most treacherous section of the Fraser River, Hells Gate. This section of the river was named after Simon Fraser’s voyage in 1808, stating in his journal that “no man should ever pass through here it was truly like passing through the Gates of Hell!”

While visiting, walk across the suspension bridge, take a few snap shots, then go back and view the river from many observation decks. Water levels are known to rise up to 100 feet in the spring reaching record heights of 209 feet deep. That is over 200,000,000 gallons of water ever minute raging through a narrow rock canyon just over 100 feet wide. In our village we have an educational center with videos, the history of the railways and informaition about the lives of the spawning salmon. Hells Gate is home to massive fishways constructed to assist the millions of salmon that pass through annually en route to their spawning grounds.  While visiting Hells Gate Airtram enjoy the Simons Cafe, Homemade Fudge from our Fudge Factory, Ice Cream Parlor / Candy Store and shop for great souvenirs and Canadiana in our Gift Shop.

pet friendly

We welcome all dogs, but there are a few requirements. You bring the leash, we’ll supply the treats. Your pets can enjoy a nice cold drink from the bucket in our “Pup Pub”.


Our facilities are fully accessible to those who have challenge with mobility. Our facilities are fully accessible to those with mobility issues.

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