7 Awesome Ways to Cross the Fraser River in the Fraser Canyon

Humankind has been trying to find creative ways to navigate and cross the Fraser River for hundreds of years. The early explorer Simon Fraser stated in his journal that it was like passing through the gates of Hell and that no man should ever venture through here. 200 years later,  a different story and these 7 unique ways to cross the Fraser River in the Fraser Canyon will show you how transportation ingenuity has developed. From the Historic Alexandra Bridge to the modern 200m (656ft) Fraser River Suspension Bridge in Lytton, BC.

7. The Fraser River Suspension Bridge in Lytton, BC


There is a secret suspension bridge in the Fraser Canyon that not many know about. Here is how to get there:

Step 1 Pack water and be respectful to the land.
Step 2 Drive about 10 minutes past Lytton towards Lillooet
Step 3. Watch for a recycling transfer station on the right. Just past the transfer station is a road with a gate on the left with a small pullout you can park at.
Step 4. walk down the road for about 20 minutes.
Step 5. Be respectful to the land.

Feeling like a hike? The  trail after the bridge will lead you to the Stein Valley Nlaka’pamux Heritage Park and Stein River Valley. Home to ancient and sacred aboriginal landmarks and spiritual locations which is typically accessed through #1 of this list but don’t skip ahead!

6. The Hell’s Gate Suspension Bridge


At the bottom of our tram ride is the Hell’s Gate Suspension Bridge that crosses the most turbulent section on the Fraser River. Don’t look down, the bridge deck is see through! Directly below the bridge is the spot known as Hell’s Gate. This part of the river is 110 ft wide and can range from 90 ft deep to 210 ft deep. The amount of water flowing through Hell’s Gate is more than twice the water flow of Niagara Falls!


5. The Old Bridge in Lillooet


At the end of the line is this awesome old bridge that crosses the Fraser River in Lillooet BC. It has now been turned into a park with interpretive signage. Still haven’t had enough? Quesnel has a really awesome pedestrian bridge bridge you can cross so you can keep on driving. Infact the Fraser River is over 1300km long!

Photo Credits: Sidney Scotchman via GlobalBC

#4 Hell’s Gate Airtram


No visit to the Fraser Canyon is complete without a ride on the tram at Hell’s Gate, BC. and to top it off we have a 20% discount on our tickets when you buy them through our website… Scroll up to see! 🙂

#3 The Fraser River Catwalk in Lytton, BC


The best view of the famous Fraser & Thompson River confluence can be seen from the exciting new Fraser River Catwalk that has been added onto the existing railway bridge in Lytton, British Columbia. Learn more here: http://travelthecanyon.com/play-listings/the-fraser-river-catwalk/


#2 The Alexandra Suspension Bridge


A long time favourite of visitors to the Fraser Canyon the Historic Alexandra Bridge and Alexandra Bridge Provincial Park is a great picnic area and pit stop along the Fraser Canyon journey. If you are afraid of heights this is another bridge you probably wont want to look down on, this bridge has a see through deck too! High heels not recommended.

#1 The Lytton Reaction Ferry


This ferry is actually powered by the currents of the Fraser River. It brings vehicles and pedestrians across the River in Lytton BC and is a fun and free activity to experience. It also is the vehicle access to the Stein Valley Nlaka’pamux Heritage Park. Visitors don’t have to drive on the ferry to take a ride! You can also park your car and walk aboard to cross for a scenic and fun view of the Fraser River.

BONUS! Fraser River Raft Expeditions. 

Fraser River Rafting (81)

The best way to experience the Fraser River is on a river raft with Fraser River Raft Expeditions. Follow the same path as Simon Fraser as you experience the breathtaking views of the mountains around you.  Visit http://www.fraserraft.com to book a trip!

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