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About Hell's Gate

At Hell’s Gate we are dedicated to providing a customer experience exclusive to Hell’s Gate and the Fraser Canyon. Once you board our Airtram you will ride in comfort as it smoothly descends into the gorge. Below you can experience the intense power of the Fraser River and learn about the many historic events that happened here.

The History

The first written history of Hell’s Gate is found in the explorer Simon Fraser’s journal. There he describes this narrow passage as an “awesome gorge”.

If you can for a moment, put yourself in Fraser’s scared boots and unsturdy craft, you can well imagine the awesome picture Hell’s Gate presented. Here the towering rock walls of the Fraser River plunge toward each other forcing the waters through a passage only 110 feet wide (35 m).

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Simon's Wall

In recognition of Simon Fraser’s journey through the Fraser Canyon and to the mouth of the Fraser River, we unveiled ‘Simon’s Wall’ where you can step back in time and into a recreation of John Innes’ painting of Simon Fraser traversing the walls of the Fraser Canyon on First Nation’s rope bridges.

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Did you know our Airtram
is suspended over the
gorge on a 40mm
track rope.
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Where to find us

Where to find us

43111 Trans Canada Highway
Boston Bar, BC Canada
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